Corporate Information

About The Future Food Lab

Our project started from pesticide-free farming. We kept doing try and error to grow rice without pesticide, especially on fertilizer and weeding parts. We encountered the microbial farming method that made our goal more realistic. We establish Hinai Enzyme Research Association with other 25 farmers who are aiming for Pesticides-free farming. 

We started selling our ‘special rice’ as well. We had been struggling to sell our chemical-free rice. Then government adopted the policy of rice acreage reduction. It resulted in some of the farmland switching their production from rice to other crops. We grew soybeans. Again we faced trouble selling soybeans as crops. We decided to go for food processing to provide food made with pesticide-free crops to society.

Our project got certified as 6th industry in 2011. We started processing Soybeans. The reason why we chose Soybeans are: 

1. Domestic production rate is less than10% 

2. More than 80% of foreign products are GMO 

3. Price is getting higher along with the increase of needs of soybeans worldwide 

4. Shortage of supply because of Extreme weather worldwide 

5. Soy is one of the prime farm products for Japanese food culture

Our concept of food is ‘whole food.’ We value that eating whole food including the skin of vegetables and other parts. We are trying to process the food with less so-called-waste such as rice bran and okara (soy pulp) as possible.

 We met Dr. Keitaro Takahashi when we were trying to process whole food. Fermentation and aging technologies made us succeed to produce whole food products. 

We are aiming our contribution to society by working on this food processing to support everyone can have a healthy life with the right food.

● Kiritanpo Products

Our line-up of Kiritanpo Products are manufactured and sold by Akita HInai Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

● Other Products

Other Products, such as Amazake, Genmai Milk, Genmai gelee, are manufactured and sold by Natural Farmers Co., Ltd.